The Hain Group

The Hain Group began in Minneapolis, MN in 2000, moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and has seen several locations and revisions over the past two decades. Today the group operates nationwide from a base in the LA area, providing services to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries including:

Graphic Design
Website Design
Marketing Materials
Social Media Marketing
Corporate Collateral
Advertising Design

Gregory Hain

As a visionary creator in many realms, Gregory Hain balances form & function to produce mutually beneficial results for the client and the collective.

With 20 years of professional experience in countless, creative spaces, from Solopreneurs to Fortune 500s, Greg knows there are true connections within the diversity of the global experience, that reveal solutions and insights into new opportunities for growth.

Greg believes in the magic of imagination and is equal parts Dr. Seuss and Da Vinci. He’s been called a “pioneer of consciousness”, with over 15 years of ongoing study in metaphysics & enlightenment and uses this vision to create for his clients and to inspire people to see through a new lens with refined focus.

Greg has helped redirect brands and create new business in many sectors — from retail, hospitality, finance, law, entertainment, real estate and more.

A life-long student, artist, athlete, musician & designer, this natural leader excels when given the proper stage, yet equally at home behind the scenes as a team player.

In every role, Greg’s focus remains on creating dynamic solutions that provide a bridge from invisible ideas to tangible, effective and scalable systems. His diverse experience and research allows him to recognize the triggers that drive the decisions of individuals and predict future trends.

Greg attended the University of Nebraska-Kearney on a basketball scholarship and holds a BFA in Visual Communication & Design.

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